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Ultimate Student Attendance Solutions

1. Portable and light weight.
2. No need of installation. Completely plug and play.
3. No need of any computer and internet connection.
4. It is capable to start working from anywhere.
5. GPRS enabled device.
6. Compatible with any network service provider.
7. Network searching time is less than 10 seconds.
8. Directly connected to the cloud server.
9. No need of software installation.
10. Very user friendly online cloud base software
11. Customized report generation

RFID Technology For Books Tracking in Libraries

Ultimate Library Solutions

Searching and arrangement of misplaced books is a difficult task often carried out by the library personnel. Many a times Librarians busily search the improperly placed books or books wrongly placed by the library users and students in the library of a school, office or college. And often find this task very difficult. To overcome this problem, an RFID based intelligent book tracking system has been developed for monitoring the books in the library through wireless communication between the RFID reader and the books.This system consists of RFID tag and RFID reader to detect the information about the books placed in the library.
RFID Library Management